Tissue regeneration through Gene therapy

Tissues undergo damage due to various factors like disease, injury, ageing and need to be repaired and regenerated. The body is unable to always repair and regenerate tissues. In such cases, an instruction and boost to the body would help in regeneration.

TherageniX uses proprietary technology to deliver genes which can instruct the body to produce relevant proteins or factors that help in tissue regeneration.

Our Focus

While any tissue can be targeted using the technology, TherageniX will focus on orthopaedic applications first. There are over 4M bone grafting procedures performed globally. The transplantation of autologous bone is still the gold standard bone repair strategy. 

However, this process still has drawbacks in terms of limited availability of autologous bone for large defects, in patients with diseased bone, additional trauma and infection risk at the harvesting site and insufficient regenerative capacity.

Many bone implants fail due to rejection, infection, or fail to provide satisfactory functionality and regeneration. 

With Theragenix’s innovative solution, we will be able to augment autologous bone grafts intra-operatively by delivering gene(s) of interest using a proprietary non-viral delivery system. This helps improve regenerative capacity and is expected to lead to better functional outcomes while reducing the additional trauma at the donor site.

Our Solution

TherageniX’s technology uses a proprietary non-viral delivery system with desired regenerative factor genes (e.g. VEGF, BMP; for vascularization and osteogenesis, respectively) and autologous bone marrow cells from the patient. 

The gene(s) of interest are delivered to the patient’s cells outside the body. After transfection, the cells along with autograft material are implanted at the graft site. This intra-operative procedure is not expected to add additional time to the surgery. 

The technology has been licensed from University of Nottingham. TherageniX is very excited to collaborate with Dr. James Dixon’s group to improve the science and technology further and to translate this work into therapies for patients.

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