Tissue regeneration through Gene therapy

TherageniX appoints Professor Ben Ollivere to its Scientific Advisory Board

Experienced Orthopaedic surgeon, researcher, and academic joins TherageniX’s scientific Advisory Board to help accelerate product development.

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TherageniX (www.theragenix.health) , an early-stage biotechnology company pioneering the use of gene therapy for tissue regeneration announced that it has appointed Prof. Ben Ollivere from the University of Nottingham to its Scientific Advisory Board.

Professor Ollivere works at the Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham with a special interest in trauma, non-union and complex peri-articular work. He is a limb reconstruction surgeon and undertakes over 100 limb reconstruction cases for infection, bone defects, deformity, and complex injuries a year.

Along with his clinical activities, Prof. Ollivere is also heavily involved in research and is a world leader in his field and has achieved a total personal research portfolio of £59M (>£8M as CI) with research funding from various prestigious grants. He takes a big picture approach to research with themes established in injury and recovery, frailty and decline and chest injury.

His outputs and impact include recent high impact papers in 4* journals (Lancet, Science Translational Medicine), collaborative papers (Lancet, JAMA), contribution to NICE guidance, popular science (The Conversation, BBC News, Radio 4) and development of novel IP through patents and spin out companies. He has advised government (briefings to NHS-E, submissions to SAGE, and engagement with APPG for medicine) and his work was featured as a chapter in Bill Bryson’s best-selling ‘The Body’. He has deep experience in bringing medical devices and biotech to market having been engaged in due diligence work for venture capitalists and having commercialised IP with FTSE 100 companies.

Anand Nandakumar, CEO of TherageniX remarked that, “We are very excited to have Ben as the first member of our scientific advisory board. His multi-dimensionality in terms of Clinical, Scientific, and industrial expertise is invaluable for TherageniX. With orthopaedics being our first area of focus, Ben’s input will help us get to the clinic quickly and to help patients in need. “

Prof. Ollivere commented, “This is an extremely exciting opportunity to work with a unique technology that has the promise of bringing tailored, patient specific biological therapies to the bedside. This is one of the most exciting developments in musculoskeletal medicine this decade.”

TherageniX is a healthcare start-up built by NLC—the European healthtech venture builder, licensing the technology from the University of Nottingham and incorporated in 2022 with the support of Nottingham Technology Ventures Ltd.

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